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Pramod Chintalapoodi

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Hopeton Walker

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Intellectual Property Legal Team

At CHIP LAW GROUP, our experience in assisting clients, inventors, and entrepreneurs extends beyond the attorneys. Our intellectual property legal team has decades of patent, trademark, and copyright experience, ensuring that you have the best experience starting from the first point of contact. Our paralegals have been filing patent and trademark applications, Office action responses, Notices of appeal, and other IP documents for decades. In a firm that has processed over 3,500 patent applications in the last 3 years, that adds up to a mountain of experience. Meet the people who help us help you meet all your IP goals:

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Janet Schaffer

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Janet brings over 40 years of intellectual property experience to support our clients’ IP needs at CHIP LAW GROUP, where she has been since its inception. She uses her rich experience to prepare the necessary documentation for filing patent applications, responses to office action responses, and other related patent documents with the USPTO. Janet oversees our docketing system to ensure all client deadlines are adhered to and nothing falls through the cracks.

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Angela Kubicki

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Angela has over 17 years of experience in IP matters. She has been an invaluable part of CHIP LAW GROUP from the beginning after serving for more than a decade as a legal secretary at various law firms. Her vast knowledge in navigating PCT application procedures and national phase filings of foreign applications makes her the go-to person for handling our clients’ foreign filing matters.

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Amanda Knapp

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Amanda has over a dozen years experience in the IP industry. She joined CHIP LAW GROUP shortly after its inception and is often the first point of contact for clients reaching out to the firm. Amanda is adept at responding to clients’ queries to be sure your needs are met promptly. Along with our attorneys, she helps to maintain our client files, and stays on top of our applications and support documents, so you know everything is submitted on time, the right way. Amanda also serves as a conduit between our clients and our foreign IP associates, helping you protect your overseas IP interests.

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Lisa Misiurewicz

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Lisa has over 25 years of experience in IP law matters. She joined CHIP LAW GROUP in 2018, where she is in charge of managing multiple dockets and client cases. She uses her vast experience to support inventors in filing their patent applications. Lisa is very knowledgeable in the intricacies of USPTO procedures and her attention to detail is crucial to making sure your patent applications and information disclosure statements are completed accurately and professionally.

Connect with an Experienced Intellectual Property Team

If your company is working to protect your products, processes, and creative works, our experienced intellectual property team is here to help. We can stand with you throughout the process, giving you the support and communication you expect.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced intellectual property team.