Searches & Opinions

Before you or your company can get a patent in the U.S. or overseas, you have to know whether you are entitled to protection. At CHIP LAW GROUP, we conduct patentability searches for our clients, determining whether or not their new products or processes could qualify for patent protection. We understand the nuances of this area of the law the way few others do. We pair that knowledge with first-hand practical and technical understanding of the technologies that drive many of our clients’ businesses, giving them unparalleled service and legal advice.

When our clients are considering developing a new product, process, or technology, we can help them determine if they can patent the results of that work. We render timely patentability opinions early in the product’s development, saving our clients the time, resources, and expense chasing after an unpatentable idea.

Product Clearance Searches and Non-Infringement Opinions

An essential part of new product development is avoiding infringement on existing patents. If you want to avoid drawn-out legal battles, you need to understand what is covered by a competitor’s patent portfolio. Our IP attorneys are well-versed in a wide range of technologies and industries. We can render opinions that are tailored to each client’s strategic business goals, including:

  • Determining if a product or process will infringe on a competitor’s patents
  • Preparing licensing agreements that protect your intellectual property
  • Deciding whether to pursue patent infringement lawsuits to protect your products and processes against competitors
  • Developing strategies to avoid or mitigate the risk of patent lawsuits while remaining competitive in the marketplace

Invalidity Searches and Opinions

Sometimes you may wonder whether a competitor’s claim to a product or process is as broad as they claim. We regularly prepare opinions for clients on the validity of a patent held by a competitor. Our team possesses a wealth of legal experience and technical knowledge to render opinions on complex validity issues in a variety of industries, helping clients make strategic product development decisions and avoid expensive lawsuits. Our comprehensive invalidity opinion services include:

  • Locating invalidating prior art,
  • Analyzing a target patent’s file history and cited references,
  • Claim construction,
  • Identifying problematic claims in target patents,
  • Drafting an invalidity opinion, and
  • Preparing claim charts for a target patent.

Connect with Experienced Patent Attorneys

If your company needs an opinion on whether a process or product is eligible for a patent or infringes an existing competitor’s claims, we can help. Our team of experienced attorneys will help you make strategic business decisions by developing patentability searches and non-infringement opinions that help guide your company’s research and development. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced patent attorneys.