Failing to thoroughly assess IP assets before a sale can be extremely costly. Sellers may not fully realize the value of their IP Portfolio. Buyers of technology and/or IP portfolios have even more complex concerns. They need to know they have the freedom to operate, that the patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other IP associated with the acquisition are valuable and enforceable, and that the chain of title to the portfolio is established.

Doing the Research to Establish Due Diligence in Technology Transactions

We have a proven strategy for navigating the complex due diligence process in technology transfers. Through careful analysis of IP dockets, reviewing prior agreements, and assessing the competitors’ intellectual property, we are able to ensure our business partners get the most benefit from the transaction.

Building Corporate Value Through IP Licensing and Enforcement

When you and your team have worked hard to develop a new patent, copyright, or trademark, the return on that investment is often made through licensing your work to other companies. We help multinational and start-up companies alike leverage their IP assets to generate revenue and enhance value through carefully crafted patent, trademark, copyright and commercial licensing agreements. Our attorneys possess the technical acumen, legal experience, and business perspectives to negotiate, draft and enforce licensing agreements that meet our clients’ business objectives.

Connect with Experienced IP Licensing Attorneys

If you are looking to leverage your existing IP or obtain a license to use a trademark or patent, we can help. Our team of experienced IP licensing attorneys will help you complete your due diligence and negotiate the terms of your IP license, helping clients take full advantage of their intellectual property. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced IP licensing attorneys.