About Us

CHIP LAW GROUP is committed to providing top quality, comprehensive and cost-effective intellectual property legal services to a diverse roster of domestic and international technology-based clients. We help companies of all sizes, from select high-tech start-ups to some of the largest and best-known companies in the world, secure their intellectual property in the U.S. and worldwide.

Technological Training Backs Patent Law Experience

When it comes to protecting your company’s valuable intellectual assets, you need a firm that pairs legal experience with technological understanding. Our attorneys have diverse technology backgrounds with years of in-house industry experience, and dozens of patents of their own. We pair that knowledge with decades of combined work perfecting and protecting patents, trademarks and copyrights, giving our clients the best of both worlds. We pride ourselves in understanding complex technologies and procuring valuable foreign and domestic patent monopoly rights for our clients.

Volumes of Patent Applications Few Can Match

At CHIP LAW GROUP, we know that experience is often learned through the volume of work done, not simply the length of time doing it. Our law firm has been called one of the Top 5 Fastest Growing Patent Law Firms. In the past 3 years, our team has successfully obtained over 2500 patents for our clients. That depth of experience means we know what issues can arise when trying to perfect a patent, and how best to respond to ensure your intellectual property is protected. Whether yours is a start-up business filing for its first patent, or a large international company with a vast portfolio, we have the capacity needed to handle all your IP needs.

Reach to Protect IP Interests in the U.S. and Worldwide

When you are looking for an IP law firm to help you protect your international business interests, most often you must choose between local expertise and international reach. At CHIP LAW GROUP, we are proud to offer both. Our network of IP attorneys and patent agents allows us to provide one-stop service for global patent procurement across a variety of jurisdictions, including under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Strategic Patent Counseling Reduces the Risk of Infringement

We proactively partner with our clients to devise targeted, timely, and cost-effective strategies and services – so that they can realize the full value of their IP assets. Our focused approach to patent preparation, opinions, and prosecution of patent applications helps clients successfully minimize the risk of patent infringement when bringing new products to market. We also provide patent portfolio analyses and strategic patent counseling to help clients develop and maintain robust patent portfolios and positions that generate increased margins and growth.

Connect with Experienced IP and Patent Attorneys

If your technology company or startup is looking to expand its intellectual property footprint, our experienced attorneys are here to help. We can guide you from the initial inventor interview stages through patent enforcement. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced IP and patent law attorneys.