A comprehensive patent portfolio is vital for companies and individuals who want to protect their intellectual property (IP) assets. Our team of patent attorneys can guide small, medium, and large companies as they build their portfolios through the process of obtaining patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and from other patent offices around the world. Our attorneys regularly work with clients to develop strategies for protecting our clients’ technology and conduct patent harvesting sessions with potential inventors to identify and develop subject matter for which patent protection may be appropriate. We have the technical education and expertise to understand complex inventions in a broad spectrum of technologies, which means we get to the crux of the invention efficiently. This saves time and money.

Utility and Design Patent Filing with the USPTO

Our patent prosecution team files a huge volume of domestic and foreign patent applications per year. Combining technical skills with legal understanding and scientific knowledge, we quickly grasp the complexities of our clients’ inventions to effectively and cost-efficiently advocate on their behalf before the USPTO.

We help our clients develop, expand, and enforce design portfolios that support strategic business objectives. Our team has extensive experience managing global design portfolios for large and medium-sized clients, filing patents with the USPTO, and coordinating international design strategies and filings with foreign associates.

Foreign & PCT Patent Filing

In addition to our domestic work, we also regularly file and prosecute a large volume of applications that originate from countries around the world. Many of our domestic clients need international patent protection to supplement their U.S. patent portfolios. We have a wealth of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) experience and relationships with a wide array of firms around the world. We can handle international filings, acting as a liaison with local counsel in any jurisdiction to manage your entire international patent portfolios.

Connect with Experienced Patent Attorneys

If your company is looking to secure domestic and international patents to protect your inventions worldwide, we can help. Our team of experienced patent attorneys will help you build your patent portfolio with the USPTO and through our international network of PCT international attorneys. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced patent attorneys.