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New Copyright Laws Create Small Claims Court, Regulate Streaming

The 5,500-page COVID-19 stimulus relief and government-funding bill signed into law in December included several copyright provisions that had nothing to do with the pandemic. Small Claims The Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act (… Read More
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3d Printing

3D Printing Implications on Existing IP Laws

Current advancements in 3D printing make it possible to duplicate almost any object, with or without authorization from rights holders. This can have legal consequences in light of the intellectual property (IP) protection granted to original works.… Read More
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Bill Murray

Cease-and-Desist Letters: How to Protect Your Brand without Alienating Customers

As Fortune reported, “Actor Bill Murray is in hot water with the Doobie Brothers for using their 1972 hit “Listen to the Music” in commercials without the band’s permission. Normally, such disputes result in a quiet legal sett… Read More
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Protecting Recipes and Food as Intellectual Property

If you’re involved in the food service industry, how can you protect your business from unauthorized copying of your recipes and food? Are those things even protectable? Trade Secrets As we discussed in this recent blog, one way to protect confiden… Read More
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